I cried last night. (Actually, this entry was composed a couple of weeks ago now but you get the idea.)   Yes, that’s right.  For those of you who know me, this is a rare occasion.  I’d like to say it was because of some precious moment with my children … Continue reading 52


On March 1, 1976, Kiss released their single Shout it out Loud while The Four Seasons topped the billboard charts with their catchy tune, What a Night.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Clearly both hits were proclaiming my arrival to the planet. Readers, this bit of trivia means that I turn 39 and enter my 40th year of this blessed … Continue reading #40×40

Covey, Jason Covey: a birthday tribute to my man

Tomorrow is my husband’s  birthday and I thought I would seize the  opportunity to proclaim his greatness to the world. Note possible ulterior motive: I’m hoping this post may convince him to finally read my blog! Here are 36 reasons that I love Jason, in honour of his 36th birthday: 1.  He looks like James Bond when he wears a … Continue reading Covey, Jason Covey: a birthday tribute to my man

Marathon Days

I had one of those parenting days where things seemed to be caught in a negative vortex that was spiraling out of control. Staying home all day with four kids at this stage of life, I should probably assume that any day has the potential for disaster! Every parent knows how the demands and pressures of caring for even one … Continue reading Marathon Days